Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Beginning

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Michela. I live in Southwest, Iowa.My husbands name is Seth. We are newly married. We got married in June of this year! Magical. ♥♥ Seth is the bread winner. I am a stay at home mom. We have a daughter and her name is Scarlett. Scarlett will be turning one in August. It is hard to believe that the time flies by so fast!  I have always loved the movies where the outcast, nerd, fat girl, or whoever, got transformed into a completely different person. I liked how different a person could look if they tried their absolute best at it. I have always thought that it would be really cool to transform somebody into what I, or they, thought that they could become or look like. It would also be cool to, of course, be the girl who got transformed. Hmmmm.... I want to transform AND be the transformee. Why not try this little project out on myself? It can't be so hard...or can it? Would I be able to coach myself AND be the "coached"? I think it could be challenging.  Why not give it a try? What is the worst that can happen? Worst case scenario, I will be the same. I'm really not too bad of a gal already. Win-win! Positivity! Look here, I am off to a great start! Now... what do I want to better myself into? I know that I want to be skinnier, I want longer hair,to be tanner,half a (tattoo) sleeve on my left arm; I want to be the best mother that I can be, have a sexy wardrobe, and to be a sex goddess! Meow! Alright. Now that is done. When should I start? How about right now?! Of course I already have an entire days worth of calories consumed, and only 7 hours left out of the day, but I can still start right now. It is better this way. If I give myself any more time, I may not follow through.  We don't want that to happen now do we? Me either. So.... IT STARTS! Fir the rest of the day I will log my edibles and anything else that I might try. May I remind you that I also wanted to be a sex goddess. Don't worry. I'm not going to post every detail of my sex life. That is just gross and I'm sure that you wouldn't care to hear it. What I DO plan to do is keep an update of things that are **Ahem** tried and true. As for the other things... the hair, tanning, tattoo sleve, etc. I will update when money falls out of my butt and purchase them, and/or when progress happens. Stay tuned love kittens!